Monday, September 13, 2010

Life's like that

Location : Pekan, pahang
Mood : :(
Why : I miss my baby

Well since nazirul fariq is no where to found, i found this old boo
k bout scenes from malaysian life . Its from lydia teh, who wrote this book as a response to things that happen in her life, a way of coping and letting off steam ?

Title when the lights go out;
The lights go out and the fans stop spinning . Dusshh blackout ! Duhh well with no lights, no air-con, no fan, no television, no radio, and no computer in working condition, that ignoble day yawned into the night. The minutes inched by. It made us wonder how our forefathers passed the time without the convenience of electricity. What was there to do at night? Perhaps this is one reason why families of old are so LARGE

Early to bed,
Early to rise,
make a baby,
in the night

Monday, September 6, 2010

Oh my godd, they're back ! Hbs lah tak study mcm ni ;p

Is there love ?

Sorry for not having written forever ! Life has been pretty crazy, with assignments, uitm, etc . But im officially back and you can be expecting posts again on the regular!

Recently, some things have been happening .
And i've been thinking alot bout what LOVE is ? Was really curious about this, girls tend to choose “good looking” guys to be their boyfriends, but it’s so scary sometimes because there will always be other girls that are going after these “good looking” guys. And, if the guy doesn’t know how where is his limit, he’d end up hurting the girl.
Mhm well, what causes me to writing this when i read an article in cleo .

Ohh well im in love (:

Sunday, September 5, 2010

So long my friend, xx

4th sepetember 2010,
so long nigga, no more fights, no more everything
Now no more indon and no more arrei HAHA
You left me with kamal, thts sad ;(
Well we'll miss you, take care
Dont forget your indon alrght