Friday, November 27, 2009

Satu ketika dahulu

Future, memories always in our mind
KAMI, always remain as friends . Some in uitm some in uniten some in piloting some in msu some in uniKL some in lim kok wing and some disappeared like a wind .
Holiday was the best day in our life, planning a gathering and share stories either wht hppnd in past or latest . Damn is so glad to meet up again
Some will say that no one can replace you guys, we’ve face our obstacle and life without them is sucks and I have felt that bfr
Meeting new mates was great, there’s good and also bad . But what happened just wait and see until next semester, watch out :P
Some say I am a lesbian, it is TOTALLY funny . Some say I didn’t ate, because I look skinny like a papan . HAHAHA I ate ALOTT
Problems, Friends always there . Cry cry cry, some worth it and some not
Here some memories to share, friends

* Names: pooh, schin chan, jepun, ju’on, elmo, sponge bob, piglet, sizuka, lidi, nigga, mudpie, gemok, cina and some i can’t rmmbr .
* After schl, our port sebelah mak cik goreng pisang NO ONE can sit tere
* Sometimes the old gerai was our fav eating nasi goring daging merah and ABC where i don’t knw yg mana 1 dah
* At schl we laugh and laugh and laughhhh
* Datin, once she become my enemy but then she become our fav
* Mcd is our place when duit tak kering :P
* Teacher Murthi , chemistry teacher I never undrsnd you
* Library where the place kami akan buat bising, and then mak cik tkda kening dtg haha
* Jusco Bukit Raja midnight movie
* Padang 4 where the place for main bola
* Friends, Ex class 5B
* There’s sometimes lepak dkt tasik saja saja
* And scooter azim was our fav
* Then mai and azim’s birthday, padang infront libaray
* Then reihana, aisyah and afhdal’s birthday, aisyah’s home
* Then eiqa and nabil’s birthday, our fav port
* And came hari raya, love it !
* Ohh tasik near eiqa’s hse
* Hari raya, I and diddy jatuh frm azim’s scooter damn is pain
* Andd our prom night, I attend it wth my friends
* And lastly new year 2009’