Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dear diary, Last day, hugs & kisses

Well haa dh time lah hee. Well my last day was like byk things happened and woahh haha. Well 18th march. I woke up at 8.30 and then i realised reihana today last and i cried :'( HAHAHA . Then im thinking like nak pegi sunway then smue like nak packing and then br sedar eyh i tk pack lagi haha. Soo pack barang and all then i got msg frm nabil ckp lepak khalifah . Okay pegi lahh ohh before tht haha beli topup byk2 haha funny. But serious nak tgk movie hmm haha but tk kesampaian lah reihana . Then cll amir dtg lah sini. After borak2 wth irfan, nabil and zamir sddnly amir cll. Dia ckp rei pegi dkt bus stop kejap ada surprised i was like huh apa lahh dia nie haha. Then ara dtg aww dh lama sgt tk jmpa die like rindu we hug and kiss and cm aaa HAHA. See miracles hppnd time last2 nie haha. Then ohh plan for dinner mlm blabla then settle . Balik rmh wth irfan and then sddnly hee ikhwan text me . He wanna see me tht time i felt like haihh last2 nie lah kan.
He came to s alam and then dia amik then haha dia teman pegi jiant funny okay. Beli some stuff and all ikhwan said 3 bulan you mkn biscuits je ehh haha. Wtv ikhwan haha. Then we talk & talk sddnly ada misunderstnding between us. We start to talk bout evrythg. Lalala haha *private . Hmm tht time ada rasa brslh sgt igt nak jmpe all my friends they wait fr me dkt orkid thai & mcD sec 3 but i wth ikhwan and grr tht time idk rasa brslh. I noe nabil & mimi marah sorryyy :| Sorry nabil :| And then we talk again i think keluar masuk kreta and gadoh smue kejap like brape byk kali ohh idk lahh. Then i don't knw whts happening to me and then i just sddly marah and terus keluar kreta. I tght dia dh balik after tht i cried tht time but aww dia tk balik .Then at this one point i ckp evrythg and yeah discussed again and he asked me wht do u want rite now. Haihh idk the only thing tht i said tk ada guna dh if i ckp dats all. Ohh then tht time i think i still love him and tht time br sedar hw hard nak hidup without him , and then things getting better & hee hee . Soo i think hmm im gonna miss him alott ohh. Again nabil sorry sangat and to others i just wanna say sorry again mybe still tk cukup ckp sorry

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Haha okay hmm im nt sure bout this but i think i fall inlove and im nt sure bout it. I don't knw weither dh lupa ikhwan or wht ntah im a little bit confused rite now. He's a nice guy and haha nabil tau sape hahaha* Maybe bcos most of the time like evryday jmpe dia and diorg like ejek smue . Idk lahh hmm let just wait and see wht hppnd next god idk lahh. Lately ikhwan being like so nice to me he text me, bfr nie tk prnh cmmnt then cmmnt. Haihh idk seriously mcm i can believe tht i can fall in love dkt sumone but when dh rasa sikit then rasa lain mcm pulak . Hishh -.-
Haha dh laa just forget bout it wht i noe miracles won't hppn trust me . Im my dream je lahh if tgthr balik or wht mmg mimpi dh haha but im happy wth my life now. Just ada sakit here and there but alaaa wtv lahh haha .
Wee one more day je lahh hmm im thinking bout wht hppn to reihana eh nanti dkt sana ?
Is it true wht anie said 'rei best okay fr sure lupe smue org haha'.
Is it true well IDK okayy haha. Ppl like mostly ckp nnt jmpe boyf baru and blabla but ntah laa im nt interested ohh like ntah pape merepek haha

Monday, March 16, 2009

Im back

Crazy i guess . Well haha now i had new mummy, new uncle & auntie and and csn haha. My new uncle weyhh haha cool gila bai haha tk thn ohh. And and my new grandpa & grandma hee hee :D
Today, tuesday sunny and im otw to shah alam . Can believe tht one more day jee gila lahh. HAHA ohh tmmrw anyone who nak jmpa dtg lahh sunway okay im gonna be there bye (:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A day to remember

Haha it started like hmm but ending like aww u so sweet HAHA. 11th march 2009 is a day to rmmbr. I really really tk aspect like ending mcm tue hee. Hmm act plan like just lepak wth wana and wana she really nak settlekn my probs wth him u noe who. And at 1st rasa like pelik gila when 1st jmpa die seriously i really really tkot nak jmpe dia. And then borak wth wana and zamy and then they decide nak tgk movie then he said tknk tgk okay lah i pegi topshop lepak wth lyn my wifey when nak tunggu you. Then nazeem pun ada. And yea i cm tk lyn you i noe but mula2 je okay haha :P And then smthg hppnd haha but tht time i really felt like nak balik serious i think i menyesal dtg cos yea ur friend sddnly smue dtg i was like okay malu and yea i lyn ur friend lbh dr u and i dun realised yg u sakit hati and cm serious idk bout tht. Then igt u dh hilang mana ntah sddnly u tunggu i u asked me u why and i was like WHAT ? Haha sorry then ntah mcm mana i pegi dkt this tangga and i tght u just pegi but u pegi dkt i haha omg thts so sweet okay. Then we talk bout our probs like god the last time like 2 months ago. His like lama i tk nmpk ur face and u makin kurus i cm where got haha gangster -.- HAHA and yg lain hee tk leh ckp and idk now i dh kenal balik my ikhwan haha. Hmm yea haha and then last dia hntr balik cos u mmg i naik cab je msti mara haha but thanks fr everythg evnthgh at the beginning like bodoh gila perli sama sendiri and idk lately makin syg dkt you but yeah now im going to plkn and he's going to indon . Yeah there's part of my life its called happiness <3 style="font-weight: bold;"> and thanks wana ur mision dh complete haha funny lah

Monday, March 9, 2009

Dear diary ,

Hey im nt crying anymore i do felt happy now i dun noe why mybe i had friends yg byk support. Anis text me die like soo worried cm thanks fr concerned okay (: She told me fight those tears and she said reihana yg i tau she's strong. Yeaa babe i noe i miss tht reihana i used to be a person yg never give up and i nak jadi tht girl balik. Wana and zamy they both like funny and cute lahh haha. Both like jmpe je lahh dh laa ayat sama haha. Okay rei jmpe die okay ? Grr. Okay i kindda excited tmmrw nak seksa syahmi yeahh haha . Ohh still try paksa nabil suroh pegi muhammad nabil hamidun pegi lahh . Bunuh kang haha if u dun wanna go i and my best neighbour gegar ur hse tmmrw tungguuu . Neighbour nie tido lah pulak haha, Ohh and afiq im nt bawang merah okayyy stop pggl bwg merag benci sob sob :/ Haha im only reihana okaay i noe i rmmbr tht incident where this one mak cik pggl eh bwg merah lahh yaallah tlg gilaa dh malu time tue haha. Its all bcos of afiq die punye sbb haha, alaa nabil pegi lahh esok evryone ada dkt sana tauuu. Ohh its quite late dh now but i still can't sleep lah

Dear diary,

Ohh im tired lahh nangis. Yesterday i think i cry like until subuh kott idk tk sedar. Thanks nabil like always dia je ada when nangis gle babi. Yeaa he's my bestf since kecik lagi and i promise yg we'll do this together and and irfan jugak haha don't forget bout him. Haha nabil he asked me jerit sekuat hat until irfan dgr dkt rmh dia and fr sure dia blur lah. Haha well life sumtimes unfair nak buat mcm mana. Why nangis ? Hmm banyak reason just my brain seriously like nak pecah ystrday. He confessed yes dia tipu wow thanks xoxo ! Hmm this thing like okay i won't cry bout this cos hello i survive 2 months okay but idk why even u tipu why i still syg u haa ? Love dh tkda but syg urghh boleh buang tk . Nahh i dun wnt to talk bout him dahh i already gve up psl dia and i won't cry just bcos of you okay and yess lately i ignore u mmg okay dats the only way i boleh buat and u boleh happy wth hmm u noe who. Hmm dah lah then ada this 2 guys yea i've been gadoh wth my bestf dh lama now and yeaa its my fault and hey dahh im stupid, bodoh and bitch apa lagi nak ckp go on ckp je. And those 2 guys they asked me baik2 and all yea i already did tht okay, i already ignored evryone dh 3 weeks even afiq . Syahmi lagi kena maki tanpa sbb okay bit now dh baik. Sorry and dh mintak maaf okay and the only thing she said jgn kacau hidup dia dh and yess mmg tk kacau dh. God i miss them but nvrm lagi brapa hari je :/ Haha nangis lagi reihana
Hmm then my family hmm yes tunggang langgang just nabil tau kenapa hmm :/ Idk i wnt my mum lahh cn ?
Now i think i cry like 24 hrs kot haihh penat lahh wow mata lebam HAHA
Ohh today i went to putrajaya wth my step mum went to alamanda then tgk rmh . Its a beautiful place i like the house . Tht place mcm its a perfect place where i can hide all my probs .
Ohh tmmrw bbq wee haha syahmi did promise me nak masakkn ayam . Haha promise ttp promise jgn jadi K cm arra haha sddnly arra pulak keluar kan. Erm planning wed hangout wth wana wthout ikhwan please and bfr plkn wth farah (: I love them

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Reihana. Hmm she's 18 and live in shah alam where a place yg penuh probs evrywhere. Its true. When u just br happy then sddnly things turn upside down. I would say i hate this life but i just pretend to be happy and jadi btul2 happy. I kindda live alone now. If nangis still alone i wish i had my mum with me rite now like duhh its impossible. I lost my mum when i form 4 and until now idk hw cn i survive without her. Well then i hve a bestf but now she's no longer my bestf we kindda gadoh and never settle kan until now. But she help me alott. Love ? Its all about him kan. Let me tell you smthg bout him. He help me alot okay after my mum pass away i nvr had sumone yg boleh rasa love and all. I've been single like 2 years ohh god i can't believe tht haha hw long i pretend i was so happy but sbnrnye im alone. I rmmbr tht time im kindda person yg keep busy buat smue bnda. Active olahraga until negeri and masok arts wakil selangor then masuk lagi uitm punye. I just buat myself busy so tht i had no time for love. But he came into my life like little angels he show me what is love. Thts why evntgh i already break up wth him i still love him and its still the same feeling since 1st cpl idk but i was soo happy. I still rmmbr hw kenal dia 1st time haha u noe i pggl dia mamat gatal omg sorry ikhwan haha until now if die ungkit i was like sorryy (: Never tght i can u noe like bgn dari hidup yg soo bosan. Ohh my dad he's busy and i don't blame him i love him haha papa. Then bcos of him i meet some new friends like wana. Haha and ohh syahmi and i dh berbaik :D
I miss my old friends yea but nthg yg i boleh buat dah now. I already said sorry like so many times but nvrm its my fault im so stupid kan ? I miss them
Ohh where the hell is my jiran haha. Bosan doe nabil text me jum lepak but jiran tkda lahh pulak haha

Friday, March 6, 2009


Okay promote evryone dtg BBQ dis tuesday 3pm okay. Haha i noe afiq sgt sgt terharu cos 'baik' sgt en afiq haha. And yeahhh syahmi ur girlf afiq eyy tk ingat girlf dahh :D HAHA
Bosan laa today having so much fun borak dgn uncle cina renovate rmh haha. Damnn results like brapa hari lagi haha. Hving fun chatting wth wana, ayu, syahmi haha . Ape lah syahmi u're the one yg start cte bout kisah silam time2 schl dulu kan kan ? Haa haha. Funny lahh igt balik ponteng skolahh and sorry lupe tk same class haha. Afiq OMG stop lahh feeling i noe u sgt sgt sgt baik okay nw rasa nak tukar lahh :P Haha


Haha lama gle tk update blog haha. Well life mcm tue je lahh haha. Lst week tgk olahraga and all and and melawat azim haha pity youu. Mummy azim like soo cute u noe why azim accident haha. Bodoh laa azim tue laa next time pakai all black okay (:
HAHA erm yesterday was soo so menyakitkan hati yaallah ikhwan u laa ckp lmbt sape suruh then nak mara i -.- Yeaa laa nak jmpe next time like ckp awal2 laa then i nak cmpak mana my sis like phm laa i grr . Like 3 or 4 times daa u nak jmpe but msti nye ada smthg hppnd then mesti cm urghh ntah laa ikhwan oii tk larat laa erm should i move on now ?
Im sick of all this thing lahh like okay a few days ago sddnly u text mara i. I was like haa sejak ble i benci u ohh . Like bfr this thing hppnd we like gelak2 and all and okay and HAHA idk funny haha then u did said smthg tht make me like tekejut i guess idk weither u salah text or wht sddnly u ckp i'll back to u oneday i was like hmm :/ Apa u ckp nie ikhwan i tk phm lahh. HAHA then yg u pegi bc cmmnt org asal. I tk phm u ada bc cmmnt farah i ckp i happy single move on and all and then u said i tk mara im happy fr u i was like ape u nie. Then bout all the things yeahh i tk mara mybe its my fault and i pnt lah nak argue lagi then . After ckp dlm phone and all and i was like ternangis then u said sorry its my fault my bad and all . I cm haa ikhwan cn u just terus honest wht do u want u like ntah laa serious tk thn dh laa
Haihh ble dis thing boleh habis :/ Penat laaaaaaa evrytime u text i mesti u dkt mana cm cn u just ckp awal2 eishh