Saturday, January 31, 2009

love life -.-

love hmm fr now it makes me feel sick & idk i just tired okay . I did some stupid stuff until sakitkan diri sendiri and all -.-
haihh honestly i still love him but idk bout him. i can't stop thinking bout dis wed cos if nt dh 10 mnths & tk lama valentine
p/s but thnks korang always tolong rei & all haha

well idk now i just think tht i kena pg frm hidup die smthing like tht. mybe die dah lupa bout me rite cos idk i think i dah tk imprtnt dkt die yeah sedih k . Mybe now i kena move on rite this thing tkkn hbs if evryday pkir jeee memnjg but org yg kite hope tk buat pape . mybe die happy if i dah tkde dlm hidup die rite urghh tension seriously tension sgt tauu . why why i love him so much why ?

i just cnt stop thinking bout him and all our memories together haihh it hurts okay. well fr nw i just wanna make him happy mybe if i pegi then he will be more happy rite ? hmm

Best friends

Well seriously i would say i had a greatest friend ever (:
Whenever i need them they always by my side. HAHA honestly without them idk whts goin to hppnd to me. When im crying or sakit and all diorg terus cari aaa ♥

Here some story bout them :D
GB hill , prom nite o8 omg miss this

afiq & kamal haha sure melekat evrday okay . haha evryday mesti lepak
dgn diorg okay haha &&& both of youuu punca rei asma OKAY haha .

hmm tengku sarah my new boyf haha. when hang out dgn die sure gelak cm gila okay and she won't stop singing & kunsaa HAHA. afiq sabar je ouhh haha. Her fav song hot & cold Ahah (:

Well aisyah & fiqa my bestf ever together frm schl until lah keja HAHA. Si kecik and si gemok haha :D p/s : afiq yang ckp haha
Aisyah budak kecik nie dh membesar haha. & Fiqa Mr S punyee forever hee . Sumtimes we did talk bout stupid stuff haha afiq knows bout it heee tk malu punye afiq

Syahmi OR mimi diorg gay haha. taksub with afiq selama-lamanya . Afiq watchout later izzy mara haha . U noe all of them aaa like damn like syg gle korang okay. Syahmi evrone nak jd hot like afiq en haha NOW im a nerd haha
Then here comes one more gay Nabil haha. Well lately dah lama tk lepak ntah hilang kemana die with irfan & zameer. HAHA ifran won't stop saying bout tht awek DAUD haha.

I totally forgot about NIGGA ! Haha i miss him lahh . If jmpe fr sure perang smpai mati kan arra ? Haha smpai tua aku tkkn blanja ko doee :D Haha too bad . So next time dun cll me indon or bawang merah or wht padan muka haha

Omg seriously i miss this girl okay . Mai where are you i miss ur jokes and all hee. Cpt lah balik frm indon rinduuu lahh hee
Then then i miss diddy, shad, & afhdal okay. Im so sorry lately i kindda busy and afhdal we didn't mean to hurt you -.-

Okay lupa pah haha. Pah evryday i think die ajak lepak haha sorry sumtimes tk leh pah . Sayang gle die tauu (:
& last tinggal azim, petak & you zack haha. Normally everyone msti lupa zack haha hee sorry .

Yeahh tmmrw kena teman azim mintak keja haha. Wht do i look like pencari keja huh ? HAHA but cool dkt big apple haha but but kena sabar laa dgn rei haha nabil dh rasa hw haha he told me tht rei cm mama die haha bising je dushhh sepak kang HAHA

Mai & Petak working together at kenny rogers. I was like sooo jelous okay cos yea laa nak jugak haha.