Friday, May 21, 2010

The essense love & life

Love, is not easy . It doesn't always endup with happiness. Someone should love you just the way u are, not for what they want u to be . Love is not to compromise, but love is everythg in this world . Whether you open ur eyes and close, you always dream of ur love ones .
Pain leads to weakness . Respect is not own by fear, but by love . Like shakespear said, Had it pleas'd heaven . To try me with affliction, had he rain'd . All kinds of sores, and shames on my b ore head . Sleep'd me inpoverty to the very lips, given to captivity me and my utmost hopes . I should have found in some part of my soul, just a drop of patience might be good .
Mann, all things are already been decide up there ! Even the love ones had died, after their beloved one have perishes . Suddenly i realised today, its been 4 years and im getting down and starting to hate myself . When I need you, I just close my eyes and there I can see you . Your love always live on forever ma, forever . I love you & I miss you more than anything in this world .
Your beloved daughter

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Flightless Bird

Secara tiba tiba rasa keinginan ingin menulis . Tp mcm tkda topic, hidup macam tu sahaja berterusan mcm air . Haha asal air ? Okay sepanjang kehidupan berada di uitm, banyak berubah . Kebelakangan hidup ni, jumpa roomate yang sangat gila gilaan dan teman teman lain . Part 2 sangat gembira, gembira, gembira . Tidak lupa juga saya jumpa raja yang sangat masam ♥
Apabila encik suhaimi berkata, huduh huduh . Kau nk drawing mcm syurga ke neraka ? Words of the year drauuwingg, got it ? Well everythings over, 9 may tibalah bapa saya di anggerik 2 dgn muka yang sangat gembira . Sepanjang 4 bulan hidup bersama rakan habis katam segala gossip girl from season 1 until season 3 . Aww chuck bass, shh . Sekarang saya kerja hanya menanam anggur dirumah, menunggu hari untuk bekerja lambat sungguh .
Xoxo, reihana

Friday, May 14, 2010

14th May 2010

The last time i updated was idk a few months ago i guess, sorry bout that . I just finished my 2nd sem and I had a very sweet memories . Few weeks ago, i had amazzzing fashion show and it was great . Here some pics of ugly reihana LOL ,


Just a few pics, enjoy