Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mati lahh

Urghh cepat laaa nak pegi plkn NOW dh benci i hate you i hate you
God please nak pegi now ! Im done okay dh tknk nangis dh tolong laa dh okay dhhh . Please laa cpt sikit 19 days nie urghh please i beg youu pegi lah jauh2 dr my life pegi lah

Another day, another waste

God can u just cptkan hari nak pegi plkn im sick of evrything rite now benci lahh okay benci lahh .
Im tired okay nak nangis all the time i just wanna be happy lagi 19 days je tk boleh ke ? Urghh -.-
Why life its soooo cmplicated mcm nie . I've been chatting w zul 1 hari and he was a nice guy but wht hppnd at him it just soo nt fair. Probs probs probs its evrywhere. I tght famly prob i lah yg plg byk dlm dunia but rupenya ada lain. Soo ntah laa kesian dia and dia remind me dkt nabil haha :P
He's a nice friend and had alott of probs and im happy fr him rite now tgh travel wth zameer and irfan neighbour yg jahat haha. Okay today mmg seriously kesian papa haha. Shopping, shopping and shopping haha. I noe rite now papa tk sbr rei pegi plkn so tht ur daughter nama reihana nie tk manja2 dah haha. Hmm i've been thinking bout plkn haihh kena basuh bj my god reihana u reti ke ? HAHA * Well bibik ckp oneday bfr pegi bibik ajar okay haha . Hmm haihh 19 days plan lepak wth friends yg dh lama sgt nak jmpe and all haha . Can't wait hee (:

Friday, February 27, 2009

20 days lagi,

Haha farah yg kira okay nt me haha. I was like so afraid nak kira and all just pikir cm yeah at least zul same tmpt tk sama but satu negeri. Haihh -.- 20 days je if nak jmpe evyone and say goodbye oh mann i hate tht part. Tht nangis2 and all * err i hate it lah. Chatting w aina ckp bout atok and amer haha they both like so excited nak pegi hulu selangor cos diana. Haha well hopely korang dpt lah tackle die ehh or just dlm mimpi HAHA* Haihh im a little bit confused bout smthg rite now hmm nak ty but tkot lahh heh. Oh oh just now trsrmpk w nabil, irfan my neighbour and zamer. Like saving gle diorg pegi trip just 3 org je like weyhh haha well hve fun there :p I think nabil really really perlukan tht thing. Like always when to 7e meet amer then balik haha lg 20 days amer dh tkda dh. And tk fair rei pegi 9.30 and korang 2 smthg i noe laa rei pegi perak but alaa tk fair haha*

Thursday, February 26, 2009

26th March

I act dun noe wht happnd okay. Hmm i was at mamak lepak wth my friends & my neighbour haha die wajib ada . And then jmpe amer dkt 7e like always ckp bout PLKN and he was freakinly happy cos same dgn diana so wtv lah nama die haha. And then sddnly this girl text me and yeah i reply. She's asking bout tht guy and tau2 tbe2 tht guy text me. And idk its kindda weird lah i tk tau laa wht hppnd why evrythg jd mcm nie. Haihh hmm btw ikhwan i boleh jaga diri lah you haha but im glad zul ada skali dgn i haha :p Haha funny but i nak sarawak mcm meerul lah haha br best

I don't know,

I walk across an empty line, I felt the earth and its my feet. There's a song tht inside of my soul, its the one tht i tried to forget. The truth i can't :/ but thts how the story goes.
I lied its hard i can't live without you. Memories, i've been lonely fr so long, trappin the pass tht i can't seems to move on. U came, u change my whole life, superhuman.
Loosing you its like living in the world with no air. But somehow i still can breath even its hard. Slowly slowly & slowly. I've been travelling in this world too long, I need to find
my way back home. Too late to apologize reihana its too late its all memories. Its irreplacable. Its far too many precious in reality. Didn't know the pain and stress and i got to be
myself bcos there's nobody else fr me to know. Sometimes it take a kind of dreams to make just smile (: Now im on my own. She's gotta do wht she's gotta do. So many stories
of where i've been. I've been away fr a while. Memories, i've been hiding in a secret place. I had a lot to say, i miss you memories and things won't be same cos evrythg inside
just change and im the one you should blame. Memories, ure the one who help me up & never let me fall. Im nt that girl anymore. Its unbelievable to see hw love can set me free.
My weakness is only you love u change my whole life. Goodbye my almost lover, we do walk along the crowded street and u take my hand and dance wht me. I won't forget tht images.
I still wiling frm my lost and its a bit hillirious. Need you I am hilling but its taking so long, the stories gone and u're wonderful and its hard fr me to move on yet. Thanks fr the song i'll miss it.
Future im chasing new lights . Im learning (: When you try ur best to succeed and failed tht sucks seriously. Little angle, u've been into my life . Trying to find a word to write a song haha the last time i wrote was a few months ago about annivesary haha memories, Memories u help me . I'll never forgive myself never cos im stupid i did alott of mistakes. Just like a song
in my heart, trying to find the old me. Should I give up ? Hmm i dun noe. I think i had to believe in myself this is the only way. This is real, im exactly where i supposed to be now.
There's nothing left fr me here im going. 2008 u're the best thing tht hppnd to me (: Little angle help me say goodbye its hard im nt ready :/

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


** NEW HAIR gah gah (: Hitam nmpk kemas wee

Duhh tired laa ohh. Hmm i think im going lah evntgh my dad like erm if papa say NO hw wht? Then if tk hw lagi hopely tk dkt hutan i hate snakes aaa fook laa haha* I think if jmpe snake then either pengsan or jerit like HAHA (:
Hmm aaa i miss him eh reihana lupe dia lahh grr :/ But but erm i really wanna see u lah but i noe im nt ready and so do u kan kan. Well the last time i text him was 1 1/2 day ago haha and its fun lah :p Hmm im waiting fr a new guy lahh but honestly i can't but i had to laa. Oneday like my step mum said u'll find the perfect guy evntgh i tght he was the perfect guy but dahh laa dh lepas kan anythg im happy fr him laa iban (:
Hee new pic goshh now i miss my brown hair :( Haha hbs laa rosak rmbt . Today i plan wth sya buat blonde haha gle ape ohh :p
Well JUM sya haha. Hmm yea now just kira hari when nak pegi je ohh
I plan after i take results i pg plkn and then i think im going to overseas or nt pun study 1 year at msia ahh i wanna go far away frm evryone dh byk sgt org sakit hati dkt sini

Ohh and S i noe u already hate me now kan ? Admit je lah youu nvrm its okay i understnd dun worry rei pg jauh dr sini okay :///
Hmm im thinking if pegi ada tk any bdk s alam or tk pun our neighbour je ke sbg klang im afraid tht i cm tk able nak sesuaikan diri haihh

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

OMG plkn

NOKP : 911024115564
POSKOD KEM : 33500
TARIKH LAPOR : 19/03/2009

HAHAHA* Omg reihana celah mana pulak tmpt nie haha haihh but asal rasa like semangat gle nak pegi :/ Well hmm im gonna miss all the memories here. Omg like at last i tau jugak kann well nak ckp sedih yeaa but i think if pegi sng nak lupekan evrythg. I noe 2008 is the best year of my life i hve good friends and boyf jugak after 2 years well nak ingat balik like heh nangis kott. Haihh reihana be strong smile (: Serious im gonna miss all the memories :'( All of you always be in my heart and i noe i made alottt of mistake and i noe its hard nak forgive kan soo im so sorry goodbye hmmm

New hair

Weee haha nw my hair dh hitam balik OMG rindu gle hitam ohh haha
Well next time tknk experiment colour rmbt dah haha igt balik 1st colour yaallah hodoh gle seh cm iban kott haha :p

Yesterday ,

Hmm wht i noe now syahmi dh totally hate me but i want it to be like tht. If not ada org lain sakit okay. I noe rei rude gle reply ur msg then i noe u totally shocked rite. Well sorry syahmi i just had to do it i dun want anyone of u risau. If i did stupid things then im so sorry i dun noe whts gonna hppn in the future rite. Hmm well yesterday i had a great time wth bdak2 LK haha hamidun siot gle. Haha OMG tgk muke nabil like haha like org ddk dlm cave ohh. Well ktorg kena halau kot dgn mak cik guard tue haha Loh punyee pasal geram je. Hmm ystrday like fun kumpul balik smue ada aizie,farah like always can't stop talking haha, my dear anis, abg jambang nabil & muka tk suci zack haha. Hamidun ckp okayy (:
Well gila lahh nwdays LK student dh ramai ohh and btw azim sakit. Hmm sedih tgg dia kot tue laa azim next time bwk scooter tgk lane haha. Eh sakit htai btul dgn nigga ohh like lama gle tunggu dia haha. Then jmpe my neighbour sape lg if tk irfan haha tkda sape dh.
Then malam text wth ikhwan eee geramnye copycat haha :p tiru i ohh i ckp dulu nak apply pilot sibuk okay fine laa u menang err haha. Hmm waiting fr msg wana tp tk smpai2 haha ape lah wana nie. Well thts wht hppn yesterday ohh lupe borak2 wth farah haha i had fun talking wth her hee :p

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Sorry evryone just sorry. Hmm i noe some of you just nak tlg and just nak tlg rei but I can't. I dh sakitkan evryone friends and also the guy tht I love. Im so sorry tk reply msg korang, tk angkat phone and tk reply smue and tk borak dgn korang dh smue. I just want to be alone now i noe nw lagi sakitkan korang but rite now byk sgt bnde u noe I just hate myself so much and I really need my mum but mimpi je lah reihana ur so stupid ! I just want to be alone wth rizqi okay and nanti amik result tue last jmpe smue okay i think im going to overseas if ada rezeki insyaallah I just discuss wth papa today. Againn sorry and thanks cos kesah ayu, syahmi & nabil. Sorry

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Liyana & Ikhwan

Liyana thanks fr evrything yg u tulis dkt ur blog but u noe wht i dun deserve him serious i ckp dear. I realised tht bcos of me korang tk leh together and i tk sdr ikhwan kisah silam i you. U so in love wht him now and pleasee betulkan keadaan. And dear i pegi okay i nak both of you together balik and i tau i punca evrythg okay hidup i dh tk btul now. I dah sakitkan hati die today and youu please pegi balik dkt die. Like u said kte tk knl kan but u such a nice person ikhwan ckp u baik okay. But why u buat mcm nie just tknk sakitkan i ? Youu tkpe lahh i okay je i dh survive dh nak 2 months and i tk ptt cntct die lagi tht time. Im so sorry i rosakkn relationship you. To ikhwan you i noe i've burden u alot i tau okay and u sabar je. Nvrm just benci i mmg ptt pun okay. I seriously i never tght u can fall in love so fast while i still cnnt move on lagi. Ahh i try lupekan u now okay. I dah sakitkan evryone and i tau no one maafkan i okay. I nak hidup sorang now i tknk sakitkan orang dh. Urghh evryone just sorry okay liyana again sorry i rosakkn relationship you i bodoh i tau okay. Just bia i alone now & ikhwan i jahat okay

Friends please baca nie

Okay hw I nak start dis thing hmm I just wanna say im sooo sorry im the reason why all this thing happened. Im the reason why we all gadoh smue its all my fault okay dun blame aisyah and fiqa and sarah too. Im sorry I terpaksa ignored anyone yg terasa now. I noe im stupid okay thts who I am. Like ikhwan siad blaja tinggi2 tp tk phm bahasa and yeah thts me. U noe if nt bcos of me no one yg akan gadoh and all. Again sorry I noe korang tkkn maafkan rei kan dun worry the last time korang akan jmpe rei just time amik result. Fr now I just wanna be alone I nak evryone means GB baik semula okay I’ll go. I noe I burden u a lot aisyah & fiqa but thts me I bodoh I jelous tk tentu pasal. Pleaseee now I beg you baik dgn orang lain okay I noe you. U’re a nice person and deep inside my heart I’ll always rmmbr our memories together I won’t forget it. I dun mind if u wanna talk bad things bout me cos I deserve it. Yeah im a bitch okay evryone I bodoh okay. Now I admit okay its all my fault bcos of reihana GB dah tkda and I beg you pleasee korang gabung balik okay crk new member and all. I rosakkn smue bnda okay im the reason why org gadoh and relationship sumone tk jadi bodoh punye reihana ! Now I just nak hidup sorang so tht tkda sape sakit hati. But if anyone of you baca dis pleasee gabungkan GB balik and nabil jugak okayy pleasee :’(

And again im so sorry i noe nthg yg rei boleh buat nw just nak mintak tlg gabung balik okay korang kawan dh lama k . Again SORRY and lupa sorry anas i dh mencarut everythg i noe u hate me dr dulu lagi but nvrm i paham k

Friday, February 20, 2009


Haiyaa idk lahh soo confused nak pilih apa okayy. Hmm i kinda like letak seni bina & then engineering but then if jadi pilot pun cool wht haha. Stupid lah reihana nie hmm :/

I nak change but idk UITM then UM then apa lagi ? Haha nak choose apa ohh

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ahh thank god

Alhamdullilah now ameerikhwan dh okay . Pity him kena virus and all . Im so worried evryday im thinking bout him and im so stress. Then haha nak kena laa dis guy dah sehat then nak buat lawak i was like hishh dia nie haha mmg lahh . Mmg ptt kena quarentine u nie haha :p

Monday, February 16, 2009

A new life a new day ,

Well bye bibik i'll miss u a lot kak thaliah :(
Today my 1st day jaga rizqi like damn so tired ohh. Tht kid just can't stop running all the time HAHA . Its a new thing fr me but i made it yeahh haha . Its funny but yeah reihana u berjaya jaga tht kid haha. And ameerikhwan thanks alot fr making me feel better (: U i'll change the way u want it okay i promise u i will.
I nvr tght tht u gave me chance to change and idk why u really like the old me. I think u really like i jadi baik gle eh and nerd haha . Well thanks a lot you time i perlukan u and u ada . Hmm wht i wanna do wth my life now ehh

I just can't wait my dad get married wth aunty azni ! (: Papa we'll gonna support you no matter what okay and i love youu . Well seriously i really miss my late mum . I just sumtimes imagine hw she would be happy looking at rizqi makin tinggi and omg tembam gle haha . Well friends sorry dis month i think im gonna be sooo busyy i'll hope u guys understnd but still boleh lepak wht haha. Nw i just wait mana bibik br ble nak smpai haha boleh pengsan laa jaga rizqi haha :p

Friday, February 13, 2009

Haha so not in plan ,

From left me, azraa, niesa, ayu nabil aww :p, amer, syahmi. Btw where's afiq & petak hahaa (:

Well all this thing seriously like tk plan lansung . Im so happy okay seriously thnks korang i really had a bad day stop keja & kwn backstb and all im just so tired . If tkde korang lepak evryday idk lahh .
Haha ada lahh dis two scandal HAHA* kena tggl dgn rei and azraa haha aww so cute lahh ;
Well im nt working anymore and im sooooo damn happy menganggur haha. Funny but yeah felt so great (:
Haihh bukit sec 12 where the place tht made me happy always & friends. Yeahh im so done wth guys now im tired or evrythg and duhh wtv lahh i just hate cry and cry and cry again heishh
Haha nabil igt tk korang teman rei hntr surat benti like damn like cool gle nak surat benti haha best gle. And anas pg mati lahh okay u the worse guy ever u noe tht :B Youu asshole haha

I miss lah nie -.- & i love u guys weeee <3

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Babi asshole urghh. Seriously mmg fuck okay aaa ! -.-
Bodoh haa tk thn okay . Weyh anas apa mslh kau arh nak menggatal pegi laa . Eee laki plg bodoh prnh aku jmpe
Apa masalah ? Tbe2 nak maki hamun org mcm babi ko sape ? KO sape nak ckp aku bodoh, babi, pemals, dpt gaji buta ko sape haa? Hey ko punca nw asyh ngan fiqa dh lain . Amik lah amik diorg bkn kwn aku dah . If bestf tkde nye nak join ko gelak mlm tadi kan lpas ko ske2 maki aku

weyh suke hati lah aku nak sapu mcm mana pun apa mslh ? eyy aku keja bkn nak menggatal cm ko ngan 2 pmpuan tue . seriously aku tkkn ckp ngan diorg dua dah mmg sumpah aku tkkn ckp da
today rei hntr surat benti nak tknk rei benti gak pegi mati lahh ! weyh sape malas skrg sblum aku sapu korang boleh dating kan dkt meja 2 tue pmpuan tue punye keja pun belum hbs .
eyy dah pegi mati lah

Friday, February 6, 2009

Thanks wana

Dear wana (: ,
Seriously thanks wana if nt rite now i still mara ikhwan if nt bcos of you i msti like still tgh mara.
Share things with you like ahh lega okay dear yea both of us had a same prob rite . Well just tunggu wht hppn next okay and i'll always be there if u need me dear okay (:

Thursday, February 5, 2009

haha ; 4th Feb 09

Seriously pttnye dis time mybe i tgh nangis or wht thinking like haihh if tk dh 10 mnths.
Hmm tk leh nak buat ape dah i just try nak lupe but its hard. Idk i just bg die time now nthg else yg i boleh buat but i sayang die sgt sgt okay. Hmmm :(

Okaayyy im nt in shah alam nw dlm pukul 9.30 cm tue i pegi. HAHA the best thing is my friend smue smpt lagi jumpe i and all.
& akhirnyaaa jmpe jugak nabil !
Suka2 hati je menghilang haha. Evrything like hppnd on tht day okay. Haha funny nye tgh keja like smpt lagi merayap with abg juan and ayie HAHA HAHA (: Bodoh gle ohh sempat je . Then my shift dh habis then makan err like biasa lah mkn ayam muak gl dh ohh. Tht time like mana lahh pegi afiq ngan nabil nie time i need them nak hbskan mknn lambat pulak lah diorg smpai gaga :B

i waiting fr them suddenly ada die one guy nama die tk ingat lahh bdk 9 but i noe kawan pah. Haha thanks laa teman sejam tunngu diorg nie smpai haha. Were talking bout our gaji haha . Like best gle gaji die and he's working at Kedai polo dkt pyrmd haha byk kot die dpt RM 1000 ++ Grr tension je haha. Nice to knw him kwn yg bgos utk berborak haha

THEN FINALLY smpai pun makhluk2 tue haha. The best thing is evryone ada. Aisyah,afiq,tengku,nabil,pah,fiqa haihh rindu korang lahh br one day :( And then pegi beli battery dgn nabil then like always cte laa pasal shasha haha :P
& then haha nie bodoh gle akil laa ntah pape I noe u keja 1901 okay haha but u dun need to be blue sgt lahhh weyh haha bodoh nabil afiq layan aku pmpuan laa eyyy haha :P

Nie mmg suddenly je nabil lah start sasau sgt haha, Izzy mara nabil okay haha die merepek anda afiq punyee sentiasa kami anak ayam die HAHA. Bengong ohhh haha nabil & tengku nak adik mummy haha :P

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Okay nie funny haha lepak lepak . Haha (:
Start die mmg sumpah lawak gle okay like biasa bfr keja lepak with tenku and afiq HAHA mesti dua orang nie je okay haha. At 1st seriously smue dah bosan like weyh nak pegi mana nie haha. Then smpai laa dkt skolahh . Okay rinduuu gle okay dkt skola HAHA lagi2 DATIN :P Yg tk thn refresh balik time skola dulu haha.
Afiq : Wehh dulu aku tido je ouhh dalam kelas
Rei : Haha aku pun doe aku raja tido pulak lagi2 time maths haha
Tengku : HAHA aku buat2 rajin blaja weyh tgk laa aku ddk sblh sape haha
THEN suddenly nampak zack omg haha . Okay nie mmg sumpah LAWAK gleee :D
smue nak nyorok frm zack bwk kreat prlhn gle doe haha. & then yg tk thn zack tk prasan ouhhh haha !
& then when zack pusing blakang haha TENGKU & AFIQ try nyorok haha . tengku dah sandar afiq sumpah buat lawak nyorok muka je HAHA yea laa kan afiq anda sangat kurus HAHA
SUMPAH lawak gle ouhhh hahaha . Then jmpe nehru & ikhwan training olahraga haihh seriously idk whts goin to hppnd hmm -.-
Then start laa HORNY die after beli 1901 haha . AAHH mayonis enn ummm yummmyy :B Erm yeaahhh hahahaha

2nd Feb 2009

Mann ! Fuck okaayyy seriously i never cried like tht bfr grr -.-
Urghhh i just idk sakit hati okaay BODOH ! Thanks afiq & tengku seriously thanks if tk dah semput malam tue okay haihhh