Saturday, January 31, 2009

love life -.-

love hmm fr now it makes me feel sick & idk i just tired okay . I did some stupid stuff until sakitkan diri sendiri and all -.-
haihh honestly i still love him but idk bout him. i can't stop thinking bout dis wed cos if nt dh 10 mnths & tk lama valentine
p/s but thnks korang always tolong rei & all haha

well idk now i just think tht i kena pg frm hidup die smthing like tht. mybe die dah lupa bout me rite cos idk i think i dah tk imprtnt dkt die yeah sedih k . Mybe now i kena move on rite this thing tkkn hbs if evryday pkir jeee memnjg but org yg kite hope tk buat pape . mybe die happy if i dah tkde dlm hidup die rite urghh tension seriously tension sgt tauu . why why i love him so much why ?

i just cnt stop thinking bout him and all our memories together haihh it hurts okay. well fr nw i just wanna make him happy mybe if i pegi then he will be more happy rite ? hmm


  1. thanks for following me :) love the u write in your blog anyway