Sunday, February 22, 2009


Sorry evryone just sorry. Hmm i noe some of you just nak tlg and just nak tlg rei but I can't. I dh sakitkan evryone friends and also the guy tht I love. Im so sorry tk reply msg korang, tk angkat phone and tk reply smue and tk borak dgn korang dh smue. I just want to be alone now i noe nw lagi sakitkan korang but rite now byk sgt bnde u noe I just hate myself so much and I really need my mum but mimpi je lah reihana ur so stupid ! I just want to be alone wth rizqi okay and nanti amik result tue last jmpe smue okay i think im going to overseas if ada rezeki insyaallah I just discuss wth papa today. Againn sorry and thanks cos kesah ayu, syahmi & nabil. Sorry

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