Thursday, March 12, 2009

A day to remember

Haha it started like hmm but ending like aww u so sweet HAHA. 11th march 2009 is a day to rmmbr. I really really tk aspect like ending mcm tue hee. Hmm act plan like just lepak wth wana and wana she really nak settlekn my probs wth him u noe who. And at 1st rasa like pelik gila when 1st jmpa die seriously i really really tkot nak jmpe dia. And then borak wth wana and zamy and then they decide nak tgk movie then he said tknk tgk okay lah i pegi topshop lepak wth lyn my wifey when nak tunggu you. Then nazeem pun ada. And yea i cm tk lyn you i noe but mula2 je okay haha :P And then smthg hppnd haha but tht time i really felt like nak balik serious i think i menyesal dtg cos yea ur friend sddnly smue dtg i was like okay malu and yea i lyn ur friend lbh dr u and i dun realised yg u sakit hati and cm serious idk bout tht. Then igt u dh hilang mana ntah sddnly u tunggu i u asked me u why and i was like WHAT ? Haha sorry then ntah mcm mana i pegi dkt this tangga and i tght u just pegi but u pegi dkt i haha omg thts so sweet okay. Then we talk bout our probs like god the last time like 2 months ago. His like lama i tk nmpk ur face and u makin kurus i cm where got haha gangster -.- HAHA and yg lain hee tk leh ckp and idk now i dh kenal balik my ikhwan haha. Hmm yea haha and then last dia hntr balik cos u mmg i naik cab je msti mara haha but thanks fr everythg evnthgh at the beginning like bodoh gila perli sama sendiri and idk lately makin syg dkt you but yeah now im going to plkn and he's going to indon . Yeah there's part of my life its called happiness <3 style="font-weight: bold;"> and thanks wana ur mision dh complete haha funny lah


  1. haha!wana kan cool.
    she can do anything..hahaha!

  2. Wana ek eleyhhh haha
    Dear thanks haha ikhwan semcm dh ohh
    Wana lah nie kan suruh dia tunggu rei ehh haha
    Smpai s alam dia hntr tauu