Friday, June 19, 2009

Dear diary,

After plkn,
lootttss of thing change.

Sometimes i think its better just stay dkt plkn. I boleh lari frm evrythg yg ada dkt shah alam, my memories. Just god knws hw pain it is . But i've already decide and i can't change it bck . But why why u need to tell me evrythg aaa its hurts me haihh. Wht can i do, nothing. Butt on the other side i got my friends back. HAHA rindu gle dkt diorg . Lst 3 days jmpe aisyah, pah, dylaa & afiq. God rindunye. And smua like dh besar haha, the funny part is smua ckp bout study, lawak okay. I rmmbrd dulu budak lagi, i miss the moment where tido time datin haha, ponteng tusyen gl jht :p Ohh and lst 2 days i went to mid meet up balik rakan-rakan plkn, rinduu sgtt. Yg tk thn ddk sblh pak cik tua nie haha zuhair jht grr -.- Haha i the best part is shopping dgn isya, we had lottss of funn (:
Igt 24th pulak okay bfr msok U hee

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