Friday, May 21, 2010

The essense love & life

Love, is not easy . It doesn't always endup with happiness. Someone should love you just the way u are, not for what they want u to be . Love is not to compromise, but love is everythg in this world . Whether you open ur eyes and close, you always dream of ur love ones .
Pain leads to weakness . Respect is not own by fear, but by love . Like shakespear said, Had it pleas'd heaven . To try me with affliction, had he rain'd . All kinds of sores, and shames on my b ore head . Sleep'd me inpoverty to the very lips, given to captivity me and my utmost hopes . I should have found in some part of my soul, just a drop of patience might be good .
Mann, all things are already been decide up there ! Even the love ones had died, after their beloved one have perishes . Suddenly i realised today, its been 4 years and im getting down and starting to hate myself . When I need you, I just close my eyes and there I can see you . Your love always live on forever ma, forever . I love you & I miss you more than anything in this world .
Your beloved daughter


  1. hi Rei...i recently followed ur's nice.....bout ur mom i know that if she's right by ur side, she will be very proud of u....but everything has been written...Allah loves her more.....just stay strong and always remember that frens are always by ur side when u needed them...
    ALLAH bless ur mom always..amin...

  2. hey reihana,
    i don't know if your remember me.
    i used to play with you and iman when we were little.
    now we've grown apart. hehe i tak tau la u ingat ke tak. hehe
    i know you mum because she knows my mum very well. they're both lecturers at uitm.
    And your mum is a very nice woman and a loving mother. such nice good things could be said about her. but know you inherit her personality and behavior ;) You know, your mum will always be with you in every step of the way. stay strong and berdoa for her. :)