Friday, February 27, 2009

20 days lagi,

Haha farah yg kira okay nt me haha. I was like so afraid nak kira and all just pikir cm yeah at least zul same tmpt tk sama but satu negeri. Haihh -.- 20 days je if nak jmpe evyone and say goodbye oh mann i hate tht part. Tht nangis2 and all * err i hate it lah. Chatting w aina ckp bout atok and amer haha they both like so excited nak pegi hulu selangor cos diana. Haha well hopely korang dpt lah tackle die ehh or just dlm mimpi HAHA* Haihh im a little bit confused bout smthg rite now hmm nak ty but tkot lahh heh. Oh oh just now trsrmpk w nabil, irfan my neighbour and zamer. Like saving gle diorg pegi trip just 3 org je like weyhh haha well hve fun there :p I think nabil really really perlukan tht thing. Like always when to 7e meet amer then balik haha lg 20 days amer dh tkda dh. And tk fair rei pegi 9.30 and korang 2 smthg i noe laa rei pegi perak but alaa tk fair haha*

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