Thursday, February 26, 2009

26th March

I act dun noe wht happnd okay. Hmm i was at mamak lepak wth my friends & my neighbour haha die wajib ada . And then jmpe amer dkt 7e like always ckp bout PLKN and he was freakinly happy cos same dgn diana so wtv lah nama die haha. And then sddnly this girl text me and yeah i reply. She's asking bout tht guy and tau2 tbe2 tht guy text me. And idk its kindda weird lah i tk tau laa wht hppnd why evrythg jd mcm nie. Haihh hmm btw ikhwan i boleh jaga diri lah you haha but im glad zul ada skali dgn i haha :p Haha funny but i nak sarawak mcm meerul lah haha br best

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