Wednesday, February 25, 2009


** NEW HAIR gah gah (: Hitam nmpk kemas wee

Duhh tired laa ohh. Hmm i think im going lah evntgh my dad like erm if papa say NO hw wht? Then if tk hw lagi hopely tk dkt hutan i hate snakes aaa fook laa haha* I think if jmpe snake then either pengsan or jerit like HAHA (:
Hmm aaa i miss him eh reihana lupe dia lahh grr :/ But but erm i really wanna see u lah but i noe im nt ready and so do u kan kan. Well the last time i text him was 1 1/2 day ago haha and its fun lah :p Hmm im waiting fr a new guy lahh but honestly i can't but i had to laa. Oneday like my step mum said u'll find the perfect guy evntgh i tght he was the perfect guy but dahh laa dh lepas kan anythg im happy fr him laa iban (:
Hee new pic goshh now i miss my brown hair :( Haha hbs laa rosak rmbt . Today i plan wth sya buat blonde haha gle ape ohh :p
Well JUM sya haha. Hmm yea now just kira hari when nak pegi je ohh
I plan after i take results i pg plkn and then i think im going to overseas or nt pun study 1 year at msia ahh i wanna go far away frm evryone dh byk sgt org sakit hati dkt sini

Ohh and S i noe u already hate me now kan ? Admit je lah youu nvrm its okay i understnd dun worry rei pg jauh dr sini okay :///
Hmm im thinking if pegi ada tk any bdk s alam or tk pun our neighbour je ke sbg klang im afraid tht i cm tk able nak sesuaikan diri haihh

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