Thursday, February 26, 2009

I don't know,

I walk across an empty line, I felt the earth and its my feet. There's a song tht inside of my soul, its the one tht i tried to forget. The truth i can't :/ but thts how the story goes.
I lied its hard i can't live without you. Memories, i've been lonely fr so long, trappin the pass tht i can't seems to move on. U came, u change my whole life, superhuman.
Loosing you its like living in the world with no air. But somehow i still can breath even its hard. Slowly slowly & slowly. I've been travelling in this world too long, I need to find
my way back home. Too late to apologize reihana its too late its all memories. Its irreplacable. Its far too many precious in reality. Didn't know the pain and stress and i got to be
myself bcos there's nobody else fr me to know. Sometimes it take a kind of dreams to make just smile (: Now im on my own. She's gotta do wht she's gotta do. So many stories
of where i've been. I've been away fr a while. Memories, i've been hiding in a secret place. I had a lot to say, i miss you memories and things won't be same cos evrythg inside
just change and im the one you should blame. Memories, ure the one who help me up & never let me fall. Im nt that girl anymore. Its unbelievable to see hw love can set me free.
My weakness is only you love u change my whole life. Goodbye my almost lover, we do walk along the crowded street and u take my hand and dance wht me. I won't forget tht images.
I still wiling frm my lost and its a bit hillirious. Need you I am hilling but its taking so long, the stories gone and u're wonderful and its hard fr me to move on yet. Thanks fr the song i'll miss it.
Future im chasing new lights . Im learning (: When you try ur best to succeed and failed tht sucks seriously. Little angle, u've been into my life . Trying to find a word to write a song haha the last time i wrote was a few months ago about annivesary haha memories, Memories u help me . I'll never forgive myself never cos im stupid i did alott of mistakes. Just like a song
in my heart, trying to find the old me. Should I give up ? Hmm i dun noe. I think i had to believe in myself this is the only way. This is real, im exactly where i supposed to be now.
There's nothing left fr me here im going. 2008 u're the best thing tht hppnd to me (: Little angle help me say goodbye its hard im nt ready :/

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