Monday, February 16, 2009

A new life a new day ,

Well bye bibik i'll miss u a lot kak thaliah :(
Today my 1st day jaga rizqi like damn so tired ohh. Tht kid just can't stop running all the time HAHA . Its a new thing fr me but i made it yeahh haha . Its funny but yeah reihana u berjaya jaga tht kid haha. And ameerikhwan thanks alot fr making me feel better (: U i'll change the way u want it okay i promise u i will.
I nvr tght tht u gave me chance to change and idk why u really like the old me. I think u really like i jadi baik gle eh and nerd haha . Well thanks a lot you time i perlukan u and u ada . Hmm wht i wanna do wth my life now ehh

I just can't wait my dad get married wth aunty azni ! (: Papa we'll gonna support you no matter what okay and i love youu . Well seriously i really miss my late mum . I just sumtimes imagine hw she would be happy looking at rizqi makin tinggi and omg tembam gle haha . Well friends sorry dis month i think im gonna be sooo busyy i'll hope u guys understnd but still boleh lepak wht haha. Nw i just wait mana bibik br ble nak smpai haha boleh pengsan laa jaga rizqi haha :p


  1. jage anak org best en?
    eheh ;DD

  2. rei i xtau ur mom passed. when? sory to hear tht. rse mcm best je dpt tau ayh nk kwen, congrates to ur dad :)

  3. hye there..
    salam mlawat...
    nice blog ..
    byk cite..
    cume nak ++ sket..
    tmbah chatting box yeah :) snang mau chat :) pendapat saje :) jgan mareh..

  4. You deserve him. May you have a great journey with him :)

  5. Thanks evryone . Erm liyana im so sorry i just tk leh lepaskan dia you its hard

  6. I understand. X pe. I lied for your own good :)
    Make him happy okey. Many people will walk in and out of your life. We cant go back and change the beginning but we can go forward and change the ending. Yestreday is history,tomorrow is mystery and today is a gift for you to change the ending. I hope you will have a happy ending with him. May god bless you guys :)