Friday, February 13, 2009

Haha so not in plan ,

From left me, azraa, niesa, ayu nabil aww :p, amer, syahmi. Btw where's afiq & petak hahaa (:

Well all this thing seriously like tk plan lansung . Im so happy okay seriously thnks korang i really had a bad day stop keja & kwn backstb and all im just so tired . If tkde korang lepak evryday idk lahh .
Haha ada lahh dis two scandal HAHA* kena tggl dgn rei and azraa haha aww so cute lahh ;
Well im nt working anymore and im sooooo damn happy menganggur haha. Funny but yeah felt so great (:
Haihh bukit sec 12 where the place tht made me happy always & friends. Yeahh im so done wth guys now im tired or evrythg and duhh wtv lahh i just hate cry and cry and cry again heishh
Haha nabil igt tk korang teman rei hntr surat benti like damn like cool gle nak surat benti haha best gle. And anas pg mati lahh okay u the worse guy ever u noe tht :B Youu asshole haha

I miss lah nie -.- & i love u guys weeee <3