Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dear diary, Last day, hugs & kisses

Well haa dh time lah hee. Well my last day was like byk things happened and woahh haha. Well 18th march. I woke up at 8.30 and then i realised reihana today last and i cried :'( HAHAHA . Then im thinking like nak pegi sunway then smue like nak packing and then br sedar eyh i tk pack lagi haha. Soo pack barang and all then i got msg frm nabil ckp lepak khalifah . Okay pegi lahh ohh before tht haha beli topup byk2 haha funny. But serious nak tgk movie hmm haha but tk kesampaian lah reihana . Then cll amir dtg lah sini. After borak2 wth irfan, nabil and zamir sddnly amir cll. Dia ckp rei pegi dkt bus stop kejap ada surprised i was like huh apa lahh dia nie haha. Then ara dtg aww dh lama sgt tk jmpa die like rindu we hug and kiss and cm aaa HAHA. See miracles hppnd time last2 nie haha. Then ohh plan for dinner mlm blabla then settle . Balik rmh wth irfan and then sddnly hee ikhwan text me . He wanna see me tht time i felt like haihh last2 nie lah kan.
He came to s alam and then dia amik then haha dia teman pegi jiant funny okay. Beli some stuff and all ikhwan said 3 bulan you mkn biscuits je ehh haha. Wtv ikhwan haha. Then we talk & talk sddnly ada misunderstnding between us. We start to talk bout evrythg. Lalala haha *private . Hmm tht time ada rasa brslh sgt igt nak jmpe all my friends they wait fr me dkt orkid thai & mcD sec 3 but i wth ikhwan and grr tht time idk rasa brslh. I noe nabil & mimi marah sorryyy :| Sorry nabil :| And then we talk again i think keluar masuk kreta and gadoh smue kejap like brape byk kali ohh idk lahh. Then i don't knw whts happening to me and then i just sddly marah and terus keluar kreta. I tght dia dh balik after tht i cried tht time but aww dia tk balik .Then at this one point i ckp evrythg and yeah discussed again and he asked me wht do u want rite now. Haihh idk the only thing tht i said tk ada guna dh if i ckp dats all. Ohh then tht time i think i still love him and tht time br sedar hw hard nak hidup without him , and then things getting better & hee hee . Soo i think hmm im gonna miss him alott ohh. Again nabil sorry sangat and to others i just wanna say sorry again mybe still tk cukup ckp sorry