Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Haha okay hmm im nt sure bout this but i think i fall inlove and im nt sure bout it. I don't knw weither dh lupa ikhwan or wht ntah im a little bit confused rite now. He's a nice guy and haha nabil tau sape hahaha* Maybe bcos most of the time like evryday jmpe dia and diorg like ejek smue . Idk lahh hmm let just wait and see wht hppnd next god idk lahh. Lately ikhwan being like so nice to me he text me, bfr nie tk prnh cmmnt then cmmnt. Haihh idk seriously mcm i can believe tht i can fall in love dkt sumone but when dh rasa sikit then rasa lain mcm pulak . Hishh -.-
Haha dh laa just forget bout it wht i noe miracles won't hppn trust me . Im my dream je lahh if tgthr balik or wht mmg mimpi dh haha but im happy wth my life now. Just ada sakit here and there but alaaa wtv lahh haha .
Wee one more day je lahh hmm im thinking bout wht hppn to reihana eh nanti dkt sana ?
Is it true wht anie said 'rei best okay fr sure lupe smue org haha'.
Is it true well IDK okayy haha. Ppl like mostly ckp nnt jmpe boyf baru and blabla but ntah laa im nt interested ohh like ntah pape merepek haha

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