Monday, March 9, 2009

Dear diary,

Ohh im tired lahh nangis. Yesterday i think i cry like until subuh kott idk tk sedar. Thanks nabil like always dia je ada when nangis gle babi. Yeaa he's my bestf since kecik lagi and i promise yg we'll do this together and and irfan jugak haha don't forget bout him. Haha nabil he asked me jerit sekuat hat until irfan dgr dkt rmh dia and fr sure dia blur lah. Haha well life sumtimes unfair nak buat mcm mana. Why nangis ? Hmm banyak reason just my brain seriously like nak pecah ystrday. He confessed yes dia tipu wow thanks xoxo ! Hmm this thing like okay i won't cry bout this cos hello i survive 2 months okay but idk why even u tipu why i still syg u haa ? Love dh tkda but syg urghh boleh buang tk . Nahh i dun wnt to talk bout him dahh i already gve up psl dia and i won't cry just bcos of you okay and yess lately i ignore u mmg okay dats the only way i boleh buat and u boleh happy wth hmm u noe who. Hmm dah lah then ada this 2 guys yea i've been gadoh wth my bestf dh lama now and yeaa its my fault and hey dahh im stupid, bodoh and bitch apa lagi nak ckp go on ckp je. And those 2 guys they asked me baik2 and all yea i already did tht okay, i already ignored evryone dh 3 weeks even afiq . Syahmi lagi kena maki tanpa sbb okay bit now dh baik. Sorry and dh mintak maaf okay and the only thing she said jgn kacau hidup dia dh and yess mmg tk kacau dh. God i miss them but nvrm lagi brapa hari je :/ Haha nangis lagi reihana
Hmm then my family hmm yes tunggang langgang just nabil tau kenapa hmm :/ Idk i wnt my mum lahh cn ?
Now i think i cry like 24 hrs kot haihh penat lahh wow mata lebam HAHA
Ohh today i went to putrajaya wth my step mum went to alamanda then tgk rmh . Its a beautiful place i like the house . Tht place mcm its a perfect place where i can hide all my probs .
Ohh tmmrw bbq wee haha syahmi did promise me nak masakkn ayam . Haha promise ttp promise jgn jadi K cm arra haha sddnly arra pulak keluar kan. Erm planning wed hangout wth wana wthout ikhwan please and bfr plkn wth farah (: I love them


  1. u noe im always be there.. :)
    about ur bff tu..
    lame2 ok..
    trust me..
    n dnt think bout ur prob..
    u have to think about ur future..
    kalau result u bgs..
    then ur suffer ends..
    n new adventure begins.. :)

  2. Thanks nabil fr being such a great bestf haha
    Weyhh gila lah haha