Sunday, March 8, 2009


Reihana. Hmm she's 18 and live in shah alam where a place yg penuh probs evrywhere. Its true. When u just br happy then sddnly things turn upside down. I would say i hate this life but i just pretend to be happy and jadi btul2 happy. I kindda live alone now. If nangis still alone i wish i had my mum with me rite now like duhh its impossible. I lost my mum when i form 4 and until now idk hw cn i survive without her. Well then i hve a bestf but now she's no longer my bestf we kindda gadoh and never settle kan until now. But she help me alott. Love ? Its all about him kan. Let me tell you smthg bout him. He help me alot okay after my mum pass away i nvr had sumone yg boleh rasa love and all. I've been single like 2 years ohh god i can't believe tht haha hw long i pretend i was so happy but sbnrnye im alone. I rmmbr tht time im kindda person yg keep busy buat smue bnda. Active olahraga until negeri and masok arts wakil selangor then masuk lagi uitm punye. I just buat myself busy so tht i had no time for love. But he came into my life like little angels he show me what is love. Thts why evntgh i already break up wth him i still love him and its still the same feeling since 1st cpl idk but i was soo happy. I still rmmbr hw kenal dia 1st time haha u noe i pggl dia mamat gatal omg sorry ikhwan haha until now if die ungkit i was like sorryy (: Never tght i can u noe like bgn dari hidup yg soo bosan. Ohh my dad he's busy and i don't blame him i love him haha papa. Then bcos of him i meet some new friends like wana. Haha and ohh syahmi and i dh berbaik :D
I miss my old friends yea but nthg yg i boleh buat dah now. I already said sorry like so many times but nvrm its my fault im so stupid kan ? I miss them
Ohh where the hell is my jiran haha. Bosan doe nabil text me jum lepak but jiran tkda lahh pulak haha


  1. rei..dnt blame it on urself laaa...da bape kali ckp..u try ur best..we have to move trying too..together we will k? ;) n anything u msg always there..bestfriend forever aite? ;)

  2. Idk nabil u're the only one yg tau wht hppnd and sucks kan ? Erm like i said i wish mati je smlm

  3. dnt say like that..long way to go.u'll never noe whats coming sure something cheer up..pls..u pun suro i cheer upkan..thats wat ure gonna do..k?

  4. Hmm u noe wht nabil rei tolong orang but diri sendiri mcm nak terjun bukit
    Gila kan ? Smlm perghh idk

  5. is.. -.-
    really crazy..
    u noe..u have me,irfan n all..
    so pls jgn camni..try to forget everything..
    i noe its its lifekan..
    cane kita nk berdikari right?
    we have to accpt it whether we like it or not..
    we'll get through this..
    i promise..