Tuesday, August 4, 2009

4th august , fearless

Its a v v hot day, and i was at my room just finished my lunch. And i got back to my room and im v tired. God ctu seriously like whatt haha so boring, blaja okay dekan dekan. And then after a few hours, suddenly i heard noise screaming, crying and i was like half sleep and half awake. They talked bout this one guy that i never knew bout him. One of them said that his like want to killed me, and what i knew she already had a boyf. Then when i opened my eyes suddenly they got silence and they’re like changing the topics. And now i knew she’s cheating wth other guys. I get it and i pretend that i was sleeping. Then they continued and got fight and one of them help her and i heard that one of them said that ‘tak jadilah kau nak kenakan dia kan’. And they got silence again cos i got phone call. What i wanna say here is i realised something. I got hurt cos i felt something wrong here, its hard to find a true guy or woman that seriously in relationship with you. And i did not know how to describe this but i understnd why she did this, cos her boyf never really care bout her, and its like sikap sambil lewa its something like that. And she did the same thing to other guys, what goes around comes around. Now i didn’t know what to say, what i can say love is hard. You know sometimes u just wish you could just say i hate you to whom u love, so that he go away from and hate u forever. But u can’t u afraid to lose it and you’ll trapped in a box forever. Sometimes u hate looking at urself, but theres a voice inside my head telling me a big big NO. But i could just wait on the other side, that chances that im taking may be a new life. I had to be strong. But i collapse, what should i do. Looking in your eyes, i can’t say a word. I never go with the wind, just let it flow let it take me away. I was trying to fly but i couldn’t find wings, but u came along u change eveything. I watched from a distance as u made life your own. I opened my eyes and nothing happened. Xoxo, reihana

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