Friday, January 15, 2010


Single ? Is it a problem ? No and why . Well u knw when your in a relationship its like nothing in this world can simply discribe it . Well its been a long time since i felt that way, i don't miss that either . I just realised today tht its already 2010 so its like 1 year since those loving thinggy ended . My attitude its all turned out being ganas and mostly towards guys, this is some funny story in 2009. Theres a guy came from bota just sblh uitm je, he text me and called me some geli things and he end up kena maki tahap max dgn reihana nur. And the next day until today 15th jan 2010 he won't dare look at face at all,wht a pity man sorry . I dont make this thing as a funny story or something, it just being loyal its not enough. I face this in 2009 and damn what a stupid I am . You always had to tell yourself did he/her deserve you ? And do you deserve this ? . Think bout it & now i really want to meet a guy that can stand last forever (: *dalam mimpi*

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